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Journeys in Our Disappearing World 
by Gary Mancuso

The Last Places on Earth  

South Georgia January 2012

This is the second of 3 photo galleries from a 26 day expedition I participated in during January 2012. The journey took us to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and the Antarctic Peninsula. The overall trip was absolutely spectacular. This gallery has images from South Georgia, our second major destination on the journey. South Georgia is an amazing wonderland of wildlife, glaciers, and mountains. Some sections of South Georgia, especially St. Andrews Bay, are estimated to contain a denser concentration of wildlife than any other place on the planet. Gargantuan penguin colonies, huge fur seal rookeries and majestic glaciers became common to us as we journeyed along its rugged and forbidding coastlines. Read our South Georgia: Wildlife Wonderland story.

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