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Journeys in Our Disappearing World 
by Gary Mancuso

The Last Places on Earth  

Hunting with the Hadzabe Hunter Gatherers; Visit to a Datoga Village

Pictures of a short visit I did to a Hadzabe tribal camp, in north-central Tanzania, near Lake Eyasi. The Hadzabe are a nomadic people and considered Africa's last full-time hunter gatherer group. The main event of my visit was going along on a hunt with a group of Hadzabe. After my time with the Hadzabe, I visited a nearby village of ethnic Datoga people. The Datoga are a pastoral people, with many resemblances to the better known Maasai. The Datoga perform a crucial task in the lives of the Hadzabe: they make the metal arrowheads that the Hadzabe use to bring down larger animals during their hunting. 

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