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Antigua, Guatemala: Interesting Costumes in this part of the Holy Week "Semana Santa" Procession

This very short clip of a Semana Santa (Easter Week) procession was taken later during the same day as the video above. I found the particular costuming of the participants in this sequence of the procession to be quite interesting, which is why I posted this short segment. Some fellow tourists in attendance commented that the outfits depicted here reminded them of the costuming worn by the infamous Ku Klux Klan group in the USA.The night previous to this video was another procession in which the participants wore slightly different costumes or colors. During that procession, a fair number of participants wore costuming like that shown in this video, but black in color. A large number of women in that procession were wearing black burka type outfits similar to those seen in very conservative Muslim cultures. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera for that event.

Antigua, Guatemala: Holy Week "Semana Santa" Procession



This set of several short merged video clips shows a pre-Easter Holy Procession in Guatemala. It is taking place in the picturesque and historic colonial town of Antigua, located in the central highlands of Guatemala. Processions like this take place in many parts of Latin America during Semana Santa, which is technically the week before Easter (Semana Santa translates as Saint's Week). In Guatemala, these types of processions take place in a number of towns and cities for up to a month before Easter. They are particularly colorful in Antigua, where this one was shot. If you would like to see some pictures of Antigua, Guatemala, please visit the photo gallery, or follow this link:Guatemala Lake Atitlan Antigua

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