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Journeys in Our Disappearing World 
by Gary Mancuso

The Last Places on Earth  

Guatemala: Lake Atitlan and Antigua During Semana Santa Spring 2011

These pictures are from a short trip I did to the mountain highlands Lake Atitlan and the colonial highland town of Antigua, in Guatemala. With its dramatic volcanic peaks and heavily forested hills surrounding the lake, many say that Lake Atitlan is the most beautiful place on earth. So, I had to see this!. The villages around the lake add to the exotic ambiance with their colorful populations of indigenous Mayan descendants. Antigua is the most popular location and attraction in Guatemala for visitors. It is an old colonial town, high in the mountains an hour and a half from Guatemala city. Antigua and the surrounding area is known for its beauty, too, and for the vibrant and lively cultures of the indigenous peoples inhabiting the area. One of the things it is famous for is the Semana Santa (Easter Holy Week) parades in the period before Easter. This was the period I came.

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