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Journeys in Our Disappearing World 
by Gary Mancuso

The Last Places on Earth  

Congo Basin Gorilla Expedition October 2011

Photos of the 12 day expedition I did in October, 2011, into the Sangha Tri-State Protected Area of the Congo Basin. This is a vast, extremely remote and still truly wild, virgin wilderness. It is the region in the Congo Basin with the largest remaining concentration of western lowland gorillas. The area is a wonderland of biodiversity and still has healthy populations of a large range of forest dwelling animals, including forest elephants, sitatungas, bongos, duikers, a huge variety of birdlife, crocodiles and of course, colorful insects and mosquitoes! We spent our time in the animal rich areas of Mondika Camp and Mbeli Bai in the Congo Republic's Nouabale National Park, and in the Dzanga Sangha National Park in the Central African Republic. Read my story of the Gorilla Expedition.

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