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Penguins Fighting on Deception Island, Antarctica


This video was taken on Deception Island, which is part of the Shetland Islands in the Antarctic Peninsula. It is a very attractive island has a large Chinstrap Penguin colony. Here two Chinstrap Penguins get into a real knockdown fight. It is funny because the penguins seem so human like in some ways. Immediately after the fight, as you'll see, the winning penguin returns to his nest looking quite proud and boastful of his victory. The loser then comes nearby the winner and acts defiant, like a child who lost a schoolyard fight and is showing he is ready for more.I only had my digital SLR with me when this event occurred, so the quality is not as good as a camcorder, but still decent.

Baby Penguins Chasing Parents to Feed

Gentoo Penguins have a hard time recognizing which of the many baby/juvenile penguins is theirs. So, to get fed, a baby Gentoo penguin has to "convince" its parent that it really is its child. This is done by the baby penguin persistently bothering the supposed parent for food. The adult penguin might then run away without feeding the baby, whereby the baby has to chase the adult around the penguin colony without giving up. If the baby pursues long enough, the adult is apparently convinced that it is indeed its baby and will stop and feed the pursuing chick. Sometimes two babies will chase a parent around. One will be pretending to be the parent's baby and is trying to get a free meal. So, the theory here is that the "real" baby of the parent will be the one that chases the longest, without giving up

Penguin Highway on Deception Island in Antarctic Peninsula


Seen here is a very active Chinstrap Penguin "Highway" on Deception Island, part of the Shetland Islands in the Antarctic Peninsula. Deception Island has a very large Chinstrap Penguin colony. Penguin Highways are certain paths that penguins tend to follow when they travel back and forth from their nesting areas to the ocean, where they feed and bath. These paths can resemble highway lanes, with the penguins in each particular lane tending to go in the same direction.This video was shot with a digital SLR, as I didn't have my camcorder with me. The quality is decent, but not that of a camcorder.

Journeys in Our Disappearing World 
by Gary Mancuso

The Last Places on Earth  

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